1alcoholics Anonymous Association

The accused had a complicated past with alcohol. She has already been in contact with the association.

We must intervene in this case because we know that the lady has a painful past. She contacted us to seek some help from our association and we're here to try to get you to understand how she got herself into such a situation.

To help her, we should try to understand what turned her into an alcoholic.

The association will be able to help her after this trial by sending the patient to a specialized center, the costs will be covered by the association. We believe that by making efforts to help the young woman, we will manage to get her out of this bad situation. This woman asks for help, she takes refuge in alcohol so as not to face reality.

Alcoholism is a treatable disease.

All the associations have been contacted, so if Mrs' Savebag disease is not cured, the other groups can help us cure it. Our way of working will be the best way to help her mentally. The association has a lot of hope for this patient ! »


2nd AA member

Hello everybody! I am here to talk to you about Mrs SaveBag and her involvement in the Alcoholics Anonymous association. Admittedly, she has a problem with alcohol but she’s trying to get over it because she comes as much as possible to our AA meetings. She also participates a lot in outings organized by the association and respects enormously the other members. She is greatly appreciated by others for her kindness because they are in the same situation as her regarding alcohol addiction. Mrs SaveBag has a lot of family and financial issues in her life at the moment. She and her husband have divorced but she did not get custody of their children. She also has a hard time finding a job and everyone knows how alcohol can help us relax and let go but it can also be a cause of behavior which is dangerous for others but especially for herself. When she is under the influence of alcohol, she gets angry very quickly and also becomes aggressive very quickly. When she does not drink alcohol she is rather shy but likes to help others & we've seen this during our various outings that we were able to organize for her. That is why our association offers to volunteer to help this young woman who really needs our support to regain control of her life. Thank you for listening to me.


OK. I can understand that he is capable of doing anything and he assaults people but it's not his fault. He's an alcoholic and he can't control himself under the influence of alcohol anymore. He was coming every week to our meetings and followed the sessions and now he only comes once every two weeks. It seems to help him as he drinks less often now even if he still cannot completely stop. I can see that he is making a big effort.


Not very long ago he broke up with his wife and could not have custody of their child and it was a very difficult period for him. When he is not under the influence of alcohol he is shy and is not mean and that's also why he doesn't understand why he can't even see his child. It makes him feel very sad and leads him to take confort in alcohol. When he does so, he can no longer control himself and that's why he can become aggressive and he often end up in the police station

Hello we are the alcoholics anonymus association. Timothy tries to stop drinking but it is very difficult for him. As my collegue said, he has family and financial problems. But like the charity association and social workers we organize from time to time outings for Timothy with our association to try to help him forget about the problems in his life. We once went on a bowling alley trip and he made up an excuse to go to the bathroom and he ran off to the off-licence to buy alcohol or he drank more than a third of a bottle of whisky. Then when the alcohol had take its effect, he became aggressive with those in charge of the bowling alley and the police intervened and took him into custody. He is being treated by a psychologist.


I've known the accused before the outbreak of Covid 19. He is a very nice person when he doesn't take alcohol and he comes a lot on the phone to talk with us. He doesn't drink a lot. It's just because something happend in his private life and he has got financial problems. It could happen to anyone. he was a hardworker in the past but he still had to live in poor living conditions. We are here to help him and we are trying to do our best for him.