1charity Association

Hello , I’m here to represent the charity association. I will talk to you about Ms Savebag . First, you should know that Ms Savebag came regularly on Tuesday because we were organizing a common meal , the goal was for everyone to cook something and share it with others in the group. Nobody had to bring anything to eat as it was all offered by donators. Ms Savebag used to prepare something different and it was always very good.

I remenber she was a very nice person. She liked to talk to others and never spoke about her problems yet she had a lot of them, especially money problems. One Thursday we organized a sports day and Ms Savebag arrived completely drunk. She was throwing the material at little Bob , poor little Bob. But we forgave her for this behavior which had never happened before but after that it became worse. In the end she wasn't turning up any more and when she would come she was drunk and very nasty with the group . So we were forced to forbid her to come back. This made matters worse for her and she heard she started drinking more and more. It broke my heart to hear this.

In any case it is sure that she needs to be helped by professionals , the nice person I knew is still there. Thank you for listening to me.


I would like talk about the financial problems of the accused. Despite the so-called program of the mayor which, in reality, is rather inefficient, her homelessness results directly from a lack of housing. The Mayor has failed to provide homes for everybody. She has been living on the streets for 2 months now, your Honour, & she has no home to go to. There is supposed to be a housing program in place for the homeless and yet there are still hundreds like the accused without a roof over their heads.

She also has problems of stress because of her financial situation and, like 1 homeless person out of 5, she has fallen into alcohol and drug addiction.

All these problems are due to the lack of housing and to the inaction of the mayor.

Your Honour, she is not a bad person. She is just a victim among all the other victims of the ineffectiveness of the Mayor and of those who govern us.

I am the leader of a charity association & she comes to me to share her problems every week. I try to find solution to her many problems but it is not easy