1prosecuting Lawyers

The questions below are propositions only !

Questions to the police :

How long did it take you to get to the scene of the incident?

You said that you had problems controlling the accused, can you explain more precisely?

Was there anything that the accused said or done that made you act in such a way?

Have you ever arrested the accused before?

Did you know about the problems of the accused before the incident in question?


Questions to the Mayor :

Do you think homelessness in this city is a problem?

Are there more homeless people now or 20 years ago?

Do you think it is a good thing putting the accused in prison?

Do you think that most homeless people have problems with drink and drugs?

Have you put in place any rehab centers to help people like this?


Questions to the witnesses :

Did you ever see the accused before the incident in question?

Do you think the accused deserved to be treated like that by the police?

Do you think homeless people are a problem in this city?


Questions to the psychiatrist/psychologist :

When was the first time the accused came to you for consultation?

Is the treatment the accused is taking adapted ?

Did you know the accused had a problem with alcohol and drugs?

Were you familiar with the family situation of the accused?

Has the accused ever been hospitalized in a psychiatric unit?

Do you think the accused should be hospitalized in a psychiatric unit?


Questions to the charity association:

Have you any other people as bad as the accused who come to you for help?

Will you accept if the accused comes back to you looking for help?


Questions to the social assistants:

Have you a lot of people to take care of?

How often, in general, do you see your 'patients'?

Were you familiar with all the family & financial problems of the accused?

Did you know how serious the drug and alcohol problem was?


Questions to the Alcoholics Association:

How many members are in your association?

Is there just one group or many groups and if so, how many members are in each group?

What type of advice did you give him?


Questions to the shop owners:

Do you know the accused?

How often have you seen the accused before this incident?

Did you ever call the police before because of an incident like this?

Did you know about all the family & financial problems of the accused?

If you had known about all the problems, would you have second thoughts about calling the police?

Did you use any verbal or physical violence against the accused?


Questions to the accused:

A certain amount of improvisation is necessary - it all depends on what the accused says

Your honour, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury. We are present here today to judge the unacceptable behavior of this woman who is an alcoholic. Very often she disturbs the peace by singing and making a racket outside of shops & she causes the customers to flee. Indeed, on October 20, 2021, the police came to the knowledge of a serious incident provoked by Ms. SaveBag. This incident had been reported in a phone call to them by shopowners. It should be noted that this woman has been regularly intercepted and taken into police custody because of her addiction to alcohol. The shopowners complained that she was insulting passers-by in the street, according to the law of 1881, article thirty-three tells us that anyone caught swearing in public is liable to a fine of 13,000 dollars. The shop owners also complained that Mrs Sowebag was throwing stones at the walls, which is akin to vandalism and degradation on the public highway. Article 322 tells us that if the damage is slight, the act of vandalism is punishable by a $1,500 fine and community service. I would like to add that this woman regularly consumes alcohol on the public highway, which is dangerous for individuals and for herself. Regarding alcohol consumption on public roads, if a person is caught consuming alcohol in the street of any related public space, the fine is $ 135 and may be increased up to $ 3,750 in case of a traffic offence.

violation infringement

I would like to tell you, your Honor, that MS Savebag has a child. She lost custody of her daughter due to her alcoholism. She was considered "unfit" to take care of her daughter. I think that a woman who wants to become a mother must know how to take care of herself before she has a child. However it was not the case with MD Savebag. I have to admit, she had a very difficult childhood but she has made no effort to get herself out of this terrible situation. In my opinion, Mrs. Savebag will have to follow a programme at the disintoxication center, Scypport and Prevention in Addictology, before going to a Rehab centre.