1shop Owners

My name is Carlo. I am 38 years old. I am the Baker of The Corner Street bakery at number 23. I have been working there for 2 years. I became aware of the accused two weeks ago. I noticed right from the beginning that he was always alone & sad. Sometimes he'd stop in front of my bakery and hang out there. I used to give to him some pastries an odd time. This small gesture made it possible to establish a dialogue. So I learned that he is divorced. He lost custody of his daughter and because of this, he started to drink and lost his job and house. I felt so sorry for him.

As we chatted more and more often, he told me that he was a member of alcoolics anonymous association & that he a couple of social workers were helping him get his life back on track. So I don’t understand why my colleagues find him aggressive. He only asks people to give him money.

Good morning your Honour.

My name is Luke. I am the owner of the shop. I sell cigarettes and tabacco in my shop downtown.

It was about around midday, I was about to close my shop for lunch, when I saw the accused, outside my shop, he was smoking and drinking, and attacking people.

The customers were afraid to come inside my shop. I had to call 911. The policemen arrived after 10 minutes. The problem is that is wasn’t the first time the police had to face the attitude of this guy. It is anoying to always call the police for such things. I loose a lot of clients because they are afraid of him . The last time I called the police station, it was because he robbed cigarettes in my shop and got upset and agressive when I tried to stop him . I think this man is dangerous and agressive.

”This homeless only makes my clients flee and knock over all my tables and chairs in front of my bar. He tries non stop to steal packets of cigarettes. I called the police several times but this time I was on holidays so I don’t know who called him on that day”

My name is Charles and I work in the Tobacco Bar. Regarding this homeless person, he just scares off my clients and he doesn't want to come in my bar. He also behaved as if we were friends, and I had clients who did not come into the bar because of that. They didn’t want to talk with someone who is friends with a homeless person. I even had trainees who no longer wanted to continue their internship or even new trainees who no longer accepted to do their internship because of him.

He gives me and my bar a bad image. He steals cigarettes from bar. I just can't put up with him anymore. He scares people and my employees are afraid of him. He even knocks over my tables and chairs in front of the bar.

I have contacted the police several times, but each time he knew that I had called them and immediately ran off. I tried to follow him, but he just disappears. And it upsets me aswell when the police don't want to believe me. I installed a CCTV system to stop him from coming to sleep in front of my bar, but he continues nevertheless. I can’t tolerate him any more.


Judge, Prosecution, Defence, Members of the Jury.

My name is John Smith. I'm the owner of Carlo's Bakery. I am here to defend the Accused.

It's not the first time that Mr… has been arrested but on the day in question, while in a drunken rage, he tried to pick a fight in front of my shop window with passers-by, insulting them and provoking them. He spent the night before lying in front of our entrance. When the shop opened, he prevented customers from coming in, which caused my turnover to drop. The customers were afraid of being attacked. Children stopped buying their snacks. The elderly were afraid of being robbed and assaulted. Imagine if he had a knife on him? How would this game have ended? It shocked many customers. Was he just drunk or was he under the influence of drugs? His behaviour was unacceptable, he soiled the steps of the shop. Then he incited other homeless people to join him in front of my shop. He could be taken care of by the association which is only 3 blocks away. This must not happen again! He must pay for the consequences of his actions and understand that to be accepted in society, he must not behave in such a way. He must serve his sentence before he can start again.

- My name is Carlo Smith

- - I swear on my honor to tell the truth and nothing but the truth !

- - I have known the defendant since he was on the streets, he is a good friend who regularly comes to talk to me and especially to most of my customers.

- The customers like him a lot and therefore they come back regularly which has slightly increased the turnover.

- I have never seen him do so much damage to the store, usually he steals a little fruit, but this time he completely ransacked the store.

The police arrived and subdued him while he was in the patrol car, a bit…, violently I might add…

- Because of the accident, we lost our bakery, and no more money come in because we had to close.