1the Accused

Hello, your Honour, Lawyers, and all here present.

I'm Timothy, the accused and i want to defend myself regarding my summons. I'm a very fragile person, I've a lot of psychological problems because my wife left me with my children a few years ago and since then I can't see my children. It's a terrible situation for me. After that happened I lost my job and my house & I found myself in the street. It was around this time that I became depressed and an alcoholic. I am undergoing mental/psychological traitment but it's not enough and I need alcohol to feel better. At the time of the incident, I needed alcohol and I was a little drunk but the bar owner didn't want me, he insulted me and I didn't like this. I got angry and I started to be violent. When the police arrived,they were very rough with me, they hurt me and tried to suffocate me while I was on the ground. I was a little drunk but it wasn't not a reason for being so violent with me. I didn't disturb anyone except the bar owner and i didn't break anything, I swear.


Hello, I would like to tell you about the row I had with two policemen, so the story is false and entirely made up. The truth is that these police officers were violent with me, they hit me & they verbally insulted me. They accused me of something that I did not commit. They accused me of hitting people in the street while I was under the influence of alcohol. They claimed that I had walked into a small store and started hitting and was violent with customers. They also pretend that when they arrived, I tried to hit them too. Your Honour, I have a difficult life, filled with problems and I'm going through a very bad period. I don’t know if you'll believe a homeless person like me but please be indulgent. Thank you.