1the Eye Witnesses

The question is not what she did but rather why she is in this situation. Very often I walk past and I can see her, especially as I live right in front of the store where she is. So I talk to her and no one dares do the same. Most walk past and ignore her even though it only takes a few minutes to say hello and for her it's a huge thing. I know it's not her fault. I spend a lot of time with her and it really seems to help her. You who have the means to help her should help her and that way there will be no more problems. I went to the store around 3pm and saw four policemen holding her down and who were using violence. You don't have to do that to someone who didn't ask for it or do anything to deserve it. If I came the whole way here to testify, it's because I know she didn't do anything wrong. Coming here to lie is not my goal and it's certainly not hers. I'd like to know what it's like to invent something like this. Put yourself in her shoes for a while. She's on the street, she's so miserable and you add to the problem by making out that she's going to steal. Now I have done everything I could to defend her and it's uo to you now to decide if she is innocent, now it's up to you to do the job


Witness No2

I have come to talk about this person. Every afternoon around 2pm I go to the shop where she was arrested. She is often in the front of the shop. She is very polite, she says hello and goodbye all the time.


It's true that on the day in question she was less pleasant. At first she didn't look at me. She was lost in her thoughts. I went shopping as usual and when I came out two policemen were there. They were quite violent with her. They had her on the floor, lying face down, with her arms behind her back and her head on the floor. She was screaming, but they were trying to calm her down. They had thrown a few of her things around and damaged them. I didn't understand what was going on. I tried to ask but they kept pushing me away and telling me to leave. I don't know what she did, but they treated her very badly. We don't have to treat people like that, they are human beings like us. So, yes, maybe she did something stupid, but at the same time, look at the conditions she lives in. She sleeps outside, she doesn't eat, she has no one to talk to. And you complain. We can all make mistakes, but we have the means to defend ourselves, unlike them."

On January 21st 2021, at half past two pm at N°1 Saint Michal street, Nantes I was walking along and I saw this woman. I think she wasn't walking straight and was speaking to herself. The woman was dressed entirely in black, was carrying a backpack and had no shoes. She walked into a Zara store. I went into the shop after her. I saw the woman stealing a shirt and a t-shirt that she put in her bag. Another person saw her too. When the security guard saw her she became completely histerical. She threw her bag at the guard and ran off. But the guard caught up with her and stood in front of the store to stop her from leaving. He asked her to emply her bag. She took out the clothes whe had stolen & a few bottles of alcohol. At that moment she took one of the bottles and threw it at the shop window. The bottle smashed the window and many passers-by received pieces of broken glass. At that very moment the security guard tried to control her to stop her from doing more damage. But as the woman was in a crazy state of mind & she was very agitated, the security guard had trouble controlling her. So me and a person who was there at that time went to help her. During this time the other people called the police. 10 minutes later the police arrived and they took the woman away. This whole scene lasted more than 30 minutes


Witness N°1

Okay , the incident happened on Thursday 21 at 8 am . I was going to do my shopping like every Thursday when I saw Timothy in front of the store in a terrible state. He was shouting and trying to interact with passers-by. At that moment I didn’t pay attention to him . I entered the store as best I could because he was blocking the entrance. When I wasinside the store Timothy was still in front of the door, he was attracting everyone’s attention , especially children who asked their parents why he was shouting and why he couldn't walk straight. At the corner of the store there were some things that belonged to him, including a bag and a blanket . As I was leaving the store , he came to see me to ask me for a cigarette and money. I told him I didn’t have any and then he got immediately upset with me because he knew I was lying to him. I told him to calm down but he took it bad and tried to hit me but I managed to dodge just in time. I was lucky because the police arrived just at that exact moment and then went straight over to Timothy. They asked him why he was there and what had he had drunk ? He said that he was just after getting divorced and that he was now on the street and that he had not drunk anything but that he was hungry. We knew he was lying because he had a bottle of alcohol in his hand. The police then decided to take Timothy to the police station to question him and put him in a cell to sober up. Timothy did not agree with this & he started to defend himself but the police proceeded to hold him down to handcuff him. They put him into the cell and then left. It was a shocking scene for everyone.


Witness N°2

Well what I'm going to tell you now dates from last Friday evening. I came to see a friend who worked at the police station so that we could go home together afterwards at the end of his shift which was at 7:30 pm. So, as he was still at work and that I was not really allowed to be with him I went to get a drink from the vending machine when I heard a strange discussion through the half-open door of the office next door. It was a group of six police officers who from what I had heard from afar were working on the homeless person's case. So I approached closer because I was curious, and they said that this homeless man named Timothy had been hanging out in front of a supermarket since Monday and that he was annoying customers and making a racket. One of the policemen said that at the beginning the case was taken seriously but that after a while they got tired of dealing with such a minor case for the national police. They therefore decided with the agreement of all the group of 6 to pay the merchant so that he accuse Timothy and like that he could be put directly into police custody. Obviously the trial to which I am testifying today had been all planned following the serious accusations brought against Timothy by the merchant who had been paid off by the 6 police officers. So that is my reason for testifying today, I am testifying against a rigged and poorly conducted investigation.


Witness N°1 - So I was doing my shopping and leaving the grocery store when I saw a homeless man running in my direction. While he was running I saw him throw a kind of hammer or axe on the ground. He ran straight past me, I panicked and dropped my shopping. I screamed "help" as I watched him go past. When I was picking up my shopping I saw two gentlemen shouting "help, grab the…". I asked them what was going on and they too couldn't understand what was happening. They came to their senses and explained to me: the homeless man had messed up their shop, had broken their shop windows and had stolen some odds and ends. After doing this, he ran off like a thief. When he was rushing towards me, I had seen him with bags in his hands but I did not realize that he had robbed and damaged the premises of these gentlemen. So I didn't really see what happened. I only saw him run away from the scene of the crime.

Witness N°2 - Hello my name is Lou and I was there when the homeless person was arrested and I think the police man were very violent with him. In the street the 2 policemen were arresting him while he was alone. I saw the first policeman with his knee on the head of the homeless man and the second policeman had his knee on the man's back. The poor homeless man could do nothing. Even if this man had done a lot of unlawful things the police didn't have to be so violent with him. For example one day I saw him stealing food from people with their backs turned. When the police arrived on the scene they had to use force to control him & they were right because with each intervention that they had with him, and there were many interventions, each time he managed to escape arrest. This time was the only time that they succeeded in arresting him. Like on another day he stole money from a lady and she filed a complaint against him. Unfortunately the case did not go to court. I hope that today he will have a heavy sanction for all the times he has not paid for what he did and that the people who have lodged complaints will get what they want. However I must admit that even if he had done a lot of stupid things the police did not have to use such violence.

Witness N°3 - Hello, my name is Bertille. I was present during the events. I could see the beatings that these policemen gave this man. They were really violent and their actions were not justified. I didn't see what happened at the beginning. I was at the scene when the police arrived. I could see that the accused was under the influence of alcohol. He tried to run away when he spotted the police car but the police ran after him and caught him. I could see all this from a distance. They looked to be asking him questions. There was another man with them too. I don't know who he was though, perhaps a shop owner. The accused must have said something bad to the police because a few minutes later, one of the policemen brought the accused to the ground. I could see him falling over him after hitting him a few times with punches to the head and body. After he got up, I could see him holding the accused down using his knee. At that stage they handcuffed him and dragged him back to the police car. The police car was parked right next to me & I could see the accused was covered in blood. He looked terrible. The police car then drove off at high speed and it was all over. I have to say that the accused is regularly in front of this store and admittedly he regularly bothers people but it is not a reason to beat him so hard. It would have been sufficient to give him a fine or some sort of light punishment but the violence he underwent is quite unacceptable. What these policemen did to this man is not tolerable and I do not find it fair. This homeless man should be helped. His life is complicated and he did not deserve these violent blows.

So here's my version of the facts. I was leaving the grocery store and I saw a gentleman assaulting a lady who was quietly going about her business. I saw him getting up, he tried to run off with the lady's bag. The lady was screaming but nobody reacted, so I wanted to intervene and on approaching the homeless man, I received a blow to the head. After getting this blow, it made me very angry but I tried to restrain myself. I did not insult him but spoke to him calmly. He, on the other hand, insulted me for free, calling me all names on the planet. I really couldn't tolerate it & I ended up calling the police. By the time the police arrived, the gentleman continued to threaten me and the lady, we preferred not to answer, but the more it went on, the worse he became, and it whole thing ended in serious threats. The homeless man then started to insult passers-by, despite the presence of the police. I don't know if he had been drinking but it was serious. Realizing that I had called the police, he started to run away so as not to have to deal with them. Except that the police arrived very soon after and he couldn't get away. They asked him what had happened and the homeless man started by denying everything. At that moment a gentleman arrived who was in fact the owner of a grocery store too. He told the police that the accused had already broken a window a few weeks ago and had stole items regularly from his shop. And despite the interventions of the authorities, he still continued. I didn't hear the rest of the conversation because they brought him away in the police car