1the Judge

Introduction :

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are here for a trial between the bosses of few stores against a homeless person. His defence and prosecuting lawyers will hear the what the police have to say before calling upon the Mayor, the witnesses, the medical and social workers and the different associations to give their version of the facts. The speakers will put forward all their arguments in order to have the accused acquitted or convicted of the criminel offence he is supposed to have committed.

Closing statement and verdict :

After taking into account all the arguments that have been said: that this man was disturbing the peace, that he was hit by the police, and that he tried to provoke a fight and scare away customers and that, finally, he did bad ad in his store, I have taken my decision. However, before I give the verdict I must insist on the fact that certain things had to be taken into account : that this man had a difficult childhood and that he was only 15 years old when he left school to earn money honestly by working in a full-time job. But despite all this, we can't let such behaviour go reprimanded, so I have decided that this man is guilty and therefore will be obliged to do 2 weeks of community work. The trial is now finished and I would like to thanks all those here present for their patience and hard work in this case.