1the Mayor Deputy Mayor

D'autres textes/scénarios en attente (à m'envoyer avant le 06 novembre SVP !)

Hello. I'm the mayor of the city.

To begin with, I would like to inform you of all the arrangements we've recently put in place for the homeless and therefore for the accused here present.

First of all, I would like to remind you that there is a national assistance and guidance number for the homeless which is 115.

Let me begin with the many associations which have been set up, such as Buses 4 Homeless, which renovates double-decker buses where homeless people can sleep and eat, but also be trained in order to find a job and get out of their precarious situation. At present, 7 buses have been renovated and thanks to donations and a funding of 4000 dollars from the City Council we hope to have many more in the future. There is also Action Hunger which offers food distributors for the homeless and for whom donations and funding can also help to have more.

Then, the town hall set up emergency accommodation centers for the winter period, but also social housing. Today, we have around ten emergency accommodation centers and a hundred social housing units in the region.

But the accused here did not wish to take steps to benefit from it. In addition, there is a multitude of social and financial assistance mainly delivered by the CAF. The best known being the RSA which amounts to around 651 dollars per month for a single person. The RSA guarantees people without resources a minimum level of income. To be eligible for the RSA, you must be at least 25 years old and reside in France. This is not the case for the accused and therefore it does not allow her to access social and financial assistance.


Hello. I am the mayor of this city, so I owe it to myself to make this city better. The problem today is the number of homeless people. I proposed to build a shelter for these people in financial difficulty. The file is in progress, but these things take time and can last for years. I had not really planned this kind of project. It is after several complaints of this kind that I started to think about this type of project. So I came up with a program for these people. A program to give them back things they have lost such as a place to sleep. This program is important to me and maybe after my mandate expires, things like this will not happen again in the future. I am finished your Honour.