1the Police

D'autres textes/scénarios en attente (à m'envoyer avant le 02 novembre SVP !)

During our daily patrol on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, we were informed by talkie walkie of a lot of commotion at Carlos bakery by the communications section of the police station. This information came straight from the store owners. We got into the service vehicle to get to the scene to sort out the situation quickly. Once we arrived on the scene, we noticed once again the presence of Mrs. SaveBag, a homeless person from the city. It's not the first time this homeless person has disturbed the peace. Being an alcoholic she has often been intercepted and taken into custody. When we arrived, this lady was throwing stones at the wall and insulting passers-by while complaining about the behaviour of the townspeople. Having lived in this area for several years, she reproached the neighbours as well as the owners for their indifference towards her. It should be noted that she was under the influence of alcohol with a beer in her hand and was shouting to disturb the neighbours. We got out of the car and my colleague said, “police don’t move.” As a result of this intervention Mrs. Savebag fled from panic but my colleague managed to catch her. I left that part up to my colleague. For my part, I took care to reassure the neighbours as well as the landlady while asking them to specify how long the incident had lasted. I aslo asked them if it was the first incident involving this homeless lady Etc.. . Seeing my colleague coming back dragging Mrs. Savebag who was hurrying while insulting her, I joined my colleague to help him. Then I wished everyone a pleasant evening, got back into the car and went to the police station to report the incident.


Three complaints have been filed in a week against him :

The first dates back to Monday at 3 pm for intimidation

The second was on Tuesday at 7pm for agression

The third was on Wednesday at 1pm for stealing

and the last was on Thursday when we received a call, the guy on the phone told me that a homeless person was in a terrible state and was really aggressive with people in the street.

My colleague and I were sent to the place and when we arrived there at 8am the homeless man was agressing a man.

In all the complaints filed the homeless man was described as having a beer in his right hand and the cigarette in his mouth.

When we asked him to comply, he refused.

We were about to handcuff him and suddently he smashed his beer on my head. I must point out that we hadn't been brutal with him at any stage but this time he had gone too far !

We were obliged to use force.

Thank heavens I wasn't hurt in the attack .

Then we drove him to the police station, it was half past 8.

We put him in a cell and we drafted our report : Where ? What happend ? Who ? Which police man ? (it is all in the file)

He spent almost 6 hours in his cell and then we took him to the interogation room where we asked him some questions like : his name, his nationality , his family situation, why he committed the offence, what he had drunk & smoked, and if he admitted his crime.

Then he was put into custody for 3 days .


Policeman n°2

We got a call at 2:40 pm and we arrived at 2:45pm. It was a man (a homeless man) who was drunk and disturbing the peace in front of shops because he was singing near the shops which isn't nice for people who wanna do their shopping. We talked to him and asked if he could leave and come with us so we could talk. He started to become violent, he was insulting and he tried to attack us. So we decided to handcuff him and we brought him back to the police station. He stayed there for 24 hours (one day) and we questioned him. We asked him about his life, why he ended up homeless, why he was drunk etc…


We received a call at 8 am and we arrived at the scene of the incident at 8:05am. It was a man who was drunk and who was disturbing the peace by making a racket outside a few shops. The shop owners were angry because he was dancing and singing in front of their stores and this was scaring away their customers. We talked to him and asked him to leave. He refused and at that point he became violent. He started to insult us and became physically aggressive toward us. So we decided that it was time to use physical force. My colleague tried to handcuff him but he managed to escape. He ran into one of the shops and locked himslef in the toilets. We both went into the shop and tried opening the toilet door but he had locked it from the inside. That is when we decided to kick down the door. The accused must have fallen to the ground because we found him lying flat on his back in the toilet. We then proceeded to handcuff him and bring him out to the patrol car. There were a few people around and we were afraid others might intervene but luckily that did not happen. Once we got him to the police station we locked him in a cell for 24 hours to sober up. After about 8 or 9 hours we began questioning him. We learned about his life on the streets and why he had become homeless. He also told us that he had a problem with alcohol addiction and that this was the reason for his violent behaviour


First off all, with my colleague , we were in the squad car that night when we received a call from a person who told us that a so-called homeless person was annoying customers on his store. The homeless person was drunk and violent. He didn’t want to listen to anybody. We had to bring him to the ground to arrest him and then we took him to the police station. We had to wait for him to sober up before we could question him & that wasn't until the next morning. During the interrogation he told us that he was not aware of what he had done that day and that he was drinking because he had many financial problems


On the next morning of the incident we questioned him about the facts of this attemted theft. He explained to us his situation: that he is now in a difficult situation, he is homeless. Moreover, he said that he had a difficult childhood and he didn’t have good grades at school. He said that he had tried his best to be succeeful despite all the difficulties. At the age of 15 he realized that school was not for him. So he tried to learn a trade that would help him succeed in life. He went on to say that he had got married very early with his wife but that one year later he became very violent and plunged into alcohol, drugs & he ended up losing his job. His wife divorced him so he ended up in the street. But today he tries to lead a normal life & tries to do odd jobs but he gets fired quickly. Every time he gets fired from a job it reminds him of his youth, it brings him back to the day he felt trapped in life by flying from one job to the other and when this happens plungs into alcohol & drug. He would do anything to satisfy his addiction & he even started stealing without getting caught until one day we managed to corner him. Here is our version of the facts on the incident in question