1the Psychiatrist Psychologist

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My patient is ill, her mental state is not stable and behavioral problems can be noticed. To better understand her condition, you have to put yourself in her place. Imagine being happy and having everything for yourself: a job, a beautiful home, a husband who loves you, and wonderful children….

Then one day you make a professional mistake, you lose your job, you can't pay off the loan on the house, you fall into a minimal form of alcohol addiction, your husband leaves you and because of your situation you don't see your children anymore….. Your addiction is only getting worse. That's what has happened to the accused.

After living through all this, behavioral problems started to appear, she became angry, aggressive, with suicidal thoughts. I have been following this patient since she lost custody of her children almost a year ago. We have already come a long way .I prescribed her a treatment to be taken daily, which was paid for by the state, and which she was able to access only a month ago. At the beginning of our sessions I sent her to a specialized clinic because of her behavior. She stayed there for 1 year and the following year she was able to leave. She was sleeping in a hostel and going several times to associations to eat and to socialize with others, so from a medical point of view she has made a lot of improvement. My patient had a relapse in the last few weeks and her blood alcohol level was much higher than the patient's usual average. Her condition is by no means stable and still requires a lot of work but as a doctor I am not giving up hope. At least I am convinced that she can get out of this with a good regularity in the treatments put in place. Except that even with a correct or well established medical health follow-up, she may still have some relapses. + She needs constant medical help which,for me,is the basis of any recovery. It is currently not the case for this patient and if you add prison (whatever the prison sentence , the result is the same) neither her mental health, nor her medical health can be improved. My objective today is to make my patient feel better and well. Which is not the case and as I said before, a lot of work is still needed. I declare my patient ill.


He is a man who has a lot of hard psychological problems on a daily basis, I had many sessions with this man who told me session after session about his problems. We know know that he and his wife got divorced and that he lost custody of his daughter. We can tell that this man lives in loneliness. I quickly realized that he was a man of hope and of enormous sadness, so I did my job, I listened to him , took note of what he was telling me and I tried to understand him. After several consultations with this man I diagnosed him as someone suffering from severe depression. I therefore prescribed him antidepressants to stabilize him psychologically because he is a person who is very fragile. So I took into account everything that my client told me, seeing him suffer from depression and loneliness, we decided with the associations to organize outings for him so that this man could change his state of mind. However it seemed to help him. During the outings he took pleasure in talking with people, laughing with people, meeting new people that he was unfortunately no longer used to meeting, and he also liked having conversations with these people. I therefore spoke with my client after these outings and they seemed to help him & his psychological frame of mind. Obviously he still has a lot of other problems related to his situation of homelessness and to the break up with his wife which have led him to drinking and therefore to commit this act.


This man has a very troubling record and because he’s an alcoholic, he’s had financial problems, he’s divorced, and he hasn’t had custody of his children. So you can understand that the accused did not have a very happy past.

You will therefore agree that the patient’s psychiatric condition is not optimal. He is in a precarious position and can no longer think properly because of his alcoholism.

Alcoholism is widespread in the United States, between 1999 and 2016, 597,182 Americans died from alcohol. But, in the case of the accused, alcohol is important if he does not want to suffer heavy psychological damage.

The accused also has financial problems, he can no longer house himself, and it is a situation that can lead to neuropsychological problems because of sleeping outside in the cold, this can lead to short memory loss. This is very dangerous because it can lead to more serious medical conditions that directly affect the brain of the patient.

The accused is also suffering from psychological problems as a result of his divorce and the lack of custody of his children which have left him with a void in the heart and in the mind of the accused.