1the Sister Of The Accused

Hello. I am the sister of the accused and I would like to tell you about our very difficult childhood that she and I endured. My father was an alcoholic. He behaved very violently towards my mother, my sister and myself. I would like to share with you a few examples: My father once crushed cigarette ashes on my sister's arm, pretending to burn her, He almost pushed my mother off the balcony of their room. He forced us to take ice baths every night. If we did something stupid with my sister, we slept outside. I left home at the age of 18 because I was fed up with the situation at home and I was able to make a new life for myself despite all the bad experiences. My sister found herself alone in the situation with my parents. She felt abandoned. After a while we lost contact & the last time I saw her she had just lost her job. After that her husband got custody of her children and she started drinking heavily. All these factors are responsable for the current state of health of my sister. At the present time & for my part, I agree with the terms of the accusation. it is necessary for her to go to a center of disintoxication and addictology to improve her disorderly behavior