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Les mythos

Summary of the film:
By chance by intercepting a request for protection on a mobile phone as a result of their exploration (unsuccessful) in Parisian luxury hotels, three young suburban, ex-security agents, posing as experienced bodyguards experienced and are responsible for the protection of Marie Van Verten, protect a young and rich (and capricious) Belgian heir. At first opposed by their social and cultural differences, uncouth boys and the girl will be pampered body and create a fellowship to escape the kidnappers who started was on the trail of Mary. The story ends much better since she started mixes a love (portion?) to throw one of the young millionaire aulnaysiens (?) and Brussels in the arms of one another.

Here are the actors in this film:
Stéphanie Crayencour : Marie Van Verten
Ralph Amoussou : Moussa
William Lebghil : Karim
Alban Ivanov : Nico
Charlie Dupont : Frédéric de Tournon
Renaud Rutten : Oscar Berg
Emeline Bayart : Mlle Vanderheyken
Momo Debbouze : Bachir
Baya Belal : Fatima
Eric Naggar : M. Garidet
Margot Dufrene : Sabrina

My opinon:
I find this film funny and fun for the actors. In the film, Marie Van Verten makes us think PHYSICAL Paris Hilton but it is not as pretentious and stupid.

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