Axel M

Introduction myself:

Hi my name is Axel Mansart, I'm 16. I live in Mazé. I go to my high school Jean Moulin in Angers. I study the sciences, I like Spanish, P.E. and S.V.T ( science of the life and of the Earth). I would like to be a researcher. I like to do activities with my friends and my family. My hobbie is the music I have practiced guitar for 3 years now. I like action and war movies. My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.

My future:

I want to be a researcher on the human body and the diseases. I must continue studies after B.A.C, if i want to enter in a medical school.


I went to Italy last year with my class and it was really cool. I would like to visit the U.S.A 'cause it's a big country with lot of traditions and I want to see it.

Grade: 13/20