Consequences on the individual

In working life, since “obese people have a lower probability of entering the labour force and having a job”, and they “generally have lower wages than normal weight workers. Research has identified salary gaps associated with obesity of up to 18%.” This discrimination would be partly due to the fact that “People who are obese" generally take more days off and are less productive at work and are more likely to receive disability benefits.

Moreover, there are inequalities between an obese person and a person with a normal weight in the world of work”.

The first part is the physical consequences.
There are several physical consequences, for example :
Dyslipidemia, which is an abnomanity of the level of lipids in the blood.
Second, sleep apnea, which means breathing pauses during sleep.
When we have arterial hypertension, which correspond to an abnormal increase of the pressure of the blood on the walls of the arteries.
And to finish, osteoarthritis, which is a destruction of the cartilage.

There are also mental consequences such as
Tough disorder causes patients to suffer from incomprehensible communication.
The perception disorder : distorted perception of a real object*.
There are also emotional disorders that encompass the depression, fear, anxiety, stress, & concentration problems.
And finally, there may be bahavioral disorder that causes psychological suffering that can not be denominated or even sometimes thought of.

Obesity is a disease that is hard to live with on a daily basis and difficult to fight. It leaves marks for life, physically and mentally. The embarrassment to make daily gestures and the possible discrimination lead to a bad feeling. Depression can be a consequence but also a cause of obesity. Moreover, during the treatment of obesity, patients are followed psychologically. Decreased self-esteem and anxiety are also consequences. Indeed, obesity tends to result in a rejection of one’s body image and a feeling of guilt

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Consequences on the family
We're going to talk about the consequences of obesity for the family.

We can say that obesity may be the origin of many problems in the family. First there are prejudices that are still present in our society and these prejudices can be the origin of disagreements within family. Then obesity may have a big impact on the immediate family due to a lot of things that we're going to see. At the end there is an economical problem because obesity can lead to many health problems.

First we can say that obesity is the origin of many problems in the family at large. In our society obesity is still frowned upon because people give a lot of importance to their appearance. There are certain standards in our society that mean that when you are obese you can’t have a normal life because you are different and this difference is badly seen in our society. And it’s what happens in families. Sometimes family members believe in these prejudices and are at the origin of tensions. They may be violent both physically and psychologically. This violence can take many forms, for example harassment.

Then we can say that obesity may have an impact on the immediate family, parents and siblings. Indeed obesity can lead to depression, insecurities or inhibitions, and ruin an obese person's life. For the parents or siblings this situation is very tough because they love their child and they see him completly depressed. On top of that is the feeling of guilt, because obesity is considered a genetic disease. Somethimes there is a predisposition to store fat, because of genetics and this can create guilt in parents. They can have a feeling of helplessness too.

At least obesity can be considered a disease and the result is an economical problem for the family. Obesity leads to health problems and can get worse rapidly. Morbid obesity is the last stage of obesity, causes serious health problems like cardiovascular diseases, colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea… Obeese people need to pay medical fees and sometimes follow-up programmes with sports coaches, or nutritionists. For the family this represents a lot of money which they cannot always afford, for instance in the USA there is no health insurance and the family must pay for everything. Some families get into debt because medical costs are very high.

To conclude obesity can cause family tensions and quarrels. But it can also cause a difficult situation for the family from an emotional and financial point of point of view with a feeling of guilt and helplessness, and the budget that medical costs represents. However, with appropriate help, obese people can overcome their problems.

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