Flora Camus Blog

Hi ! My name is Flora, & I study at the high school "Jean Moulin" in Angers. I am 16 years old, & I am in my second last year of high school I have 2 younger brothers, who are 14 & 8 years old. I play piano outside school. I would like to pursue my studies in a foreign country so that I can become bilingual. Here is :) . Kisses to all !

I would like to travel abroad, get married and have children with a person that I meet during my travels.

I would like to speak a foreign language (a language other than French) fluently.

I think I would like to study law or international business… I would like to study at a foreign university.

I hope to run my own business.

To become a millionaire or to win a lottery are my biggest dreams… but I think they are everybody’s dreams. :D