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Jean de Florette is a French film, directed by Claude Berri, released in theaters in 1986. It is an adaptation of the novel by Marcel Pagnol, itself from the movie that the author realized in 1952. Claude Berri's version has a second film: Manon des sources. The actors who played this film is Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu, Elisabeth Depardieu.


Summary :
The old Cesar said "the Papet" and his nephew were the last members of a powerful and rich peasant family, the Soubeyran. Obsessed by the idea of transmit ting the family treasure and projects to help his nephew, Papet covets the land of one of its neighbors, “Les Romarins”, on which he knows there is a source untapped by the current owner. Following a fight with Papet, the owner dies and has Papet buy land for a pittance by closing definitively the source. But an heir, a hunchback and idealist that dreams of living off the land, moved to the farm. Taking up the efforts of the hunchback named Jean de Florette, Papet and Ugolin cultivate the friendship of the newcomer to better maneuver to defeat him and that the village does not reveal to Jean de Florette the existence of a source his land. After a while of concern, Jean de Florette did not fare so badly in his new life, drought and the shenanigans of two Soubeyran come to the en when the hunchback died while handling dynamite. Having lent money to Jean de Florette, the Papet and Ugolin become owners of “Romarins” and not even waiting for the widow and daughter of Jean de Florette go, lead source. But the girl, Manon, is surprised…


The actors :
Daniel Auteuil : Ugolin Soubeyran said « Galinette »
Gérard Depardieu : Jean Cadoret said « Jean de Florette »
Yves Montand : César Soubeyran said « le Papet »
Élisabeth Depardieu : Aimée Cadoret
Margarita Lozano : Baptistine
Ernestine Mazurowna : Manon (the child)
Armand Meffre : Philoxéne
André Dupon : Pamphile, the carpenter
Pierre Nougaro : Casimir
Jean Maurel : Anglade
Roger Souza : Ange
Didier Pain : Eliacin
Pierre-Jean Rippert : Pascal
Marc Betton : Martial
Clément Cal : Méderic

This film had been in the little village of Mirabeau in Le Luberon also in Ansouis in the department of Vaucluse and in Sommières in the Gard.

I love this film because of all of the hypocracy of the people but i lke the actor Gerard Depardieu and the music of film is beautiful.