Marc L


My name is Marc and I'm 16. I'm in level eleven. I live in Beaufort-en-Vallée 30 minutes from school. I like to play the guitar and Tennis. I play on the computer too. I study a lot of math and physic because I'm taking a scientist option. I would like to be an engineer. I'm rather good in science but my problem is that I'm lazy !


Studies : I have known what I want to do since I was 8 years old. I want to become an aeronautical engineer. But not to make new aircrafts rather than try them : Flight test engineer. I'm forced to continue studies after B.A.C. if I want to enter, one day, in to an engineering school.
Travel and adventures : I love traveling. My first trip was to Martinique and I loved it, I was 6 years old. Now, I want to return to Italy, which is for me the most beautiful country!
Family : I would like, as everyone I think, to raise a family. But not before having a stable situation : I've a secure and serious job and a house or an apartment.

Grade: 13/20

Comments: Well done, Marc