Marie F

My name is Marie F., I was born 13 of May 1995. I am 16 years old.
I have one brother and one sister.
I live in Ambillou-Cahteau near Angers. I live in a big house with a dog and three goldfish. ;)
I study at Jean Moulin Highschool in 1S. I study different subjects but my favorites are biology, history and physical chemistry.
Saturday morning, I do water aerobics. Before I practiced basketball ans I played an instrument: the flute.
During the weekend I like to see my friends or my family. I like shopping, listenning to music. I like almost all music except rap and classical music. I don't really have favorite movie but I like "The fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulin","jeu d'enfant" (snap) or "Push".

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