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Bienvenue à bord
Bienvenue à bord is a film by Eric Lavaine. This is a comedy where three famous actors play, Valérie Lemercier, Gérard Darmon and Franck Dubosc. Valérie Lemercier play acts in others French films like Le Petit Nicolas, Gerard Darmon play acts in a French film like Astérix Mission Cléopatre and Franck Dubosc performs in shows make spectacles. Bienvenue à bord is the history story of a man who searchs for work and one day, he finds an ad which deals of with a work job in a ship. This man have has stranges habits, so he shouldn't be engaged hired. But before the woman sends away the man, she is called by this her husband, because he want to break there relation end their marriage. So the woman engaged hires the strange man to spoil the cruise.

I like the comedys comedies, because they are very funnys. The group of actors of in this film is very funny, mostly the duo Franck Dubosc - Gérard Darmon. The moments the most funny are when Franck Bubosc do a stupidity does stupid things. An example, Gérad Darmon says to Franck Dubosc : "Keep your taki walkie-talkie with you", so when Franck are is in the swiming pool, he keeps the taki walkie-talkie with him, and it is grilled ruined