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The film is La tour montparnasse infernale. It’s a story of two windows washer who are so thick and one of the two is in love of with a woman in the office. When they wash the tower windows, some people are taken hostage in the office and this woman too. The windows washers try to save them but mainly this woman but she is in fact with the terrorist for take to the money out of the safe of the building. It’s a comic movies because sometime's full of adventure in for strange window cleaners who are totally stupid and who are trying to save the woman. The actor is Ramzy Bedia and Eric Judor, the windows washer and Marina Foïs, the woman in office and Serge Rabioukine, the terrorist boss.
I like this film cause it’s stupid and funny. This These actors is are popular in France for comic movies and are play several movies together. It’s not a great movies but it make me laugh.