Tiphany Guerin S Blog

Hey Hope you are all well!
My name is Tiphany GUERIN, I’m 17 years old and I live near Angers. I study in Jean Moulin high school. We have several streams of study in hight school in france. I am in a scientific stream, but i will change into the literature stream next year.
And what can I say about me?? I’m an only child… and I really love talking in English. Travel that is what I love the most. I don’t practice sport but i do a little bit of running. I love listening to music too, every kind of music and art. I am a girl so I love doing shopping sometimes.I spend almost all my time to reading all sort of books.

In regard to my future projects, I have some ideas ; I definitely want to be a lawyer. So study in university, but not only in France, there’s no doubt at all I will study abroad. I fell in love with San Francisco, so I would like to go back spend some time in this city. However, I think being able to spend some time abroad in any place around the world would be a great opportunity for me. My biggest goal is to travel and work around the world during my life. So I will probably work a lot to become an international lawyer, and learn to speak different languages fluently, including English of course. I think i will learn Spanish too because I would especially like to spend a few months in South America to visit this part of the world. In regard to another aspect of my life, I hope I will have children (not many!) and get married, only when I am sure of my work and financial situation.