TSTS 1 compréhension orale 2020-2021

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Voici le script de la vidéo illegal
Not even my closest friends know. I know that I shouldn't really care about what facebook comments and need to come and say but I feel very shameful. I'm Mexican. I'm double-majoring. I'm gonna graduate Magna Cum Laude. I didn't take out any loans either, I worked since I was 16. I can't hide it for the rest of my life"
"Right about 17-18 that's when I got into Harvard (&) I received my acceptance letter. I left out the door and I tripped on some cable there. It actually knocked down my computer but I ran all the way to school to show them you know the email that I had just Got and that was the first problem there."
"A thing that drives me is when people ask me "So what's your major?" So, maths and statistics. Oh good luck with that. That looks confusing but it's really not. So I went and I asked I was like "mom, do you have my social security number?" She was like you don't have a social security number. So I was like, wait what, so how am I in school and she was like, "when I enrolled you in school originally, they didn't for a social security number. They just asked for your basic information and your birth certificate". I was like, wow, I don't have a social security number that means I'm undocumented.
" A lot of these kids had no choice about whether they would come here. They found themselves in the United States at the age of two or three. The only country they know is our country"
"I came when I was about five."
" They did not take that first step. They did not decide to come to this country How does a five-year-old get held responsible for a criminal act?".
" When a student like that walks into your office and she says to you - "so how do I get my driver's license, Sir?" - and you have to be the one that says "man I really have to tell you there's no way that you can get your driver's license right now and, if you're driving down the street and you get pulled over, you could find yourself in a deportation hearing. Lesson counselor, that is the hardest conversation to have with the student, that she can't get a driver's license to go to work, that when she gets to go to work, mmm.. she has to admit she's undocumented."
" I've missed the stop sign and there happened to be a cop coming my way when I ran it and he immediately turned around and stopped me and that's where everything started"
"It's weird. I didn't feel myself fitting into the crowd. When they would ask me - "what are you in for?" - like I had two traffic tickets"
" I was well-behaved. I'd never been in any trouble and that was my darkest hour, just being taken away and you know just the shame of being in handcuffs. I was arrested and, even though was innocent, I was transferred to an immigration facility and I was there for 45 days. The only thing I could see was a little TV outside of my cell. I just wanted to sleep, that's all I wanted to do. Like I'd wake up for breakfast, grab the food, give it away and go back to sleep. Maybe like in the whole orange jumpsuit thing and, to see my mom just on the other side of that glass, it just hurt for her like to see her cry and me not be able to hold her and tell her that it was gonna be okay, like that, that hurt"
" My ancestors have been where Mario is right now. This sense of walking in fear and living in fear. If you treat these young people who've lived their whole life, except maybe a year or two, in the United States and you reject them and you make them go back to a country they don't know, you take them out of a culture that they love and they contribute to through their education, through being in the service, well it's a mystery how a Christian who says I am a Christian can be so harsh"
"What's the great secret in America when we all know, we see Maria making our bed, we're getting to the hotel room, we don't give a hoot whether she has papers. She has made our bed and we're happy she's there."
" It's shameful, this idea that people are walking around in fear. It just strikes me as un-American. It also strikes me as a problem that we should work to find a solution to."
"The President of the United States can single-handedly make sure that every dream kid in this country has a work permit tomorrow, has a driver's license tomorrow. He can't legalize them. He can't make them permanent residents but he can give them a work permit"
"They've gone to school, they've worked hard, they've gone to college, kids who've done everything we've asked of them, let's give him that chance."
"This issue really challenges our country to look inside of our hearts, as sad as it is to see a dysfunction around our whole immigration issue. Even sadder would be if no one in the rest of the world wanted to come to America"
" I am so many things and if people see me walking, people were to see, you know, all the things that I've done, they would have never thought that I wasn't documented."
"I grew up in the edge stage, 16 years I've been here. I do want to say "spread this message"

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Vocabulaire anglais immigration

Anglais => Français

an emigrant => un émigrant

an immigrate => un immigré

immigration => l’immigration

a foreigner => un étranger

native speaker => un locuteur natif

border control => contrôle des frontières

a passport holder => un détenteur d’un passeport

a work permit => un permis de travail

an exit visa => un visa de sortie

false documents => des faux documents

detainee => détenu

naturalization => naturalisation

border => frontière

asylum => asile

persecution => persécution

green card => carte verte

legal immigrant => immigrant légal

illegal immigrant => immigrant illégal

refugee => réfugié

quota system => système de quota

asylum => asile

melting pot => le melting pot

visa => un visa

authorities => les autorités

approval => approbation

deportation => l’expulsion

political asylum => asile politique

refugee camp => camp de réfugiés

citizenship => la citoyenneté

citizen => citoyen

fellow citizen => concitoyen

inequality => l’inégalité

illegal immigrant => immigrant illégal

country of adoption => pays d’adoption

host country => pays d’accueil

work permit => permis de travail

immigration rate => taux d’immigration

tradition => tradition

separation => séparation

pull factors => facteurs d’attraction

segregation => ségrégation

literacy tests => tests d’alphabétisation

majority => majorité

immigration quotas => quotas d’immigration

minority => minorité

fingerprints => empreintes digitales

cultural identity => identité culturelle

bilingual => bilingue

language barriers => barrières linguistiques

passport => passeport

multiculturalism => multiculturalisme

American dream => le rêve américain

illegal alien => étranger en situation irrégulière

famine => la famine

ghetto => ghetto

the immigration policy => la politique d’immigration

family reunification => regroupement familial

integration => l’intégration

society => la société

destiny, fate => le destin

ethnic group => groupe ethnique

racism => le racisme

a multi racial society => une société multi raciale

discriminatory => discriminatoire

a majority => une majorité

a minority => une minorité

tolerant / intolerant => tolérant / intolérant

wealth => richesse

poor => pauvre

poverty => la pauvreté

a dissident => un dissident

disillusioned => désillusionné

the slums => les quartiers pauvres

a shanty town => un bidonville

precarious => précaire

penniless => sans argent

homeless => sans-abris

a haven => un paradis

an epidemic => une épidémie

Verbes utiles

to emigrate => émigrer

to assimilate => assimiler

to integrate => intégrer

to adapt => s’adapter

to patrol => patrouiller

to curtail / to curb immigration => mettre un frein à l’immigration

to restrict => restreindre

to limit => limiter

to keep out => empêcher d’entrer

to oppress => opprimer

to support => soutenir

to send back => renvoyer

to reduce => réduire

to decrease => diminuer

to increase => augmenter

to grant permission to stay => accorder la permission de rester

to naturalize => naturaliser

to enter => entrer

to starve => mourir de faim

to integrate => s’intégrer

to travel => voyager

to settle => s’installer

to adapt => s’adapter

to adjust to => s’adapter à

to mix with, to blend with => se mélanger avec

to start affresh => recommencer

to originate from =>

to smuggle in => faire entrer clandestinement

to be persecuted => être persécuté

to risk one’s life => risquer sa vie

to swarm into => entrer en masse

to come in waves => arriver par vague

to head for a country => se diriger vers un pays

to leave one’s native country => quitter son pays natal

to seek shelter => chercher un abri

to be forced to move => être obligé de partir

to flee a country => fuir un pays

to be uprooted => être déraciné

to die of hunger => mourir de faim

to be exploited => être exploité

to work on the side => travailler au noir

to struggle => lutter

to be lured by a better life => être attiré par une vie meilleure

to go through the custom => passer la douane


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Je vous invite à lire et apprendre le vocabulaire ci-dessous pour le lundi 12 octobre 2020:


A firearm……..=}Une arme à feu

A gun, a revolver, a pistol……..=}Un pistolet

A weapon……..=}Une arme

A rifle……..=}Un fusil

A rifle shot……..=}Un coup de feu / de fusil

To shoot……..=}Tirer

A shooting……..=}Une fusillade

A bullet, a stray bullet……..=}Une balle, une balle perdue

The gunstock……..=}La crosse (du fusil)

To pull the trigger……..=}Appuyer sur la gachette

To kill, to murder……..=}Tuer

To commit a crime……..=}Commettre un crime

Gun ownership……..=}La possession d’armes

Gun license……..=}Permit de port d’armes

Gun ownership……..=}Le fait de porter une arme

Allowed / forbidden……..=}Autorisé / interdit

The law……..=}La loi

The rights……..=}Les droits

To highlight……..=}Souligner, mettre en évidence

To carry out investigations……..=}Mener des enquêtes

A police officer……..=}Un officier de police

To defend / To protect (oneself)……..=}Se efender, se protéger

An amendment……..=}Un amendement

Security , safety……..=}La sécurité


Safe and sound……..=}Sain et sauf

Dead / alive……..=}Mort / vivant

Unharmed ≠ Injured Indemne ≠ Blessé

An assault, to assault……..=}Une attaque, attaquer, agresser

The risks……..=}Les risques

The chances (to)……..=}Les possibilités (que qch arrive)

A lawyer……..=}Un avocat

A criminal record……..=}Un casier judiciaire

To conceal……..=}Cacher qch

Unconcealed……..=}Découvert (non cache)

To reveal , to disclose……..=}Révéler, laisser apparaître

To keep and bear arms……..=}Garder et porter des armes

A campaign for / against……..=}Une campagne pour / contre


To denounce……..=}Dénoncer

To shock……..=}Choquer

To infringe , to break the law……..=}Enfreindre la loi

Relevant Coherent,……..=}logique

A criminal record……..=}Un casier judiciaire

A motto……..=}Une devise

To be kept in custody……..=}Etre placé en garde à vue

A threat……..=}Une menace

A thug……..=}Un voyou

To ban, to prohibit……..=}Interdire

To allow……..=}Autoriser (légalement)


Fichier audi gun culture


Fichier audio Gun language


Fichier audio gun lobbies