Warren P

My name is Pons Warren

I live in Soulaire et Bourg

I've got three brothers and two sisters

I like to read, to play on my computer, to play piano.

My class is 1S

After school I would like to be an eingeener.

On weekends my family (friends) and I do a lot of things, it depends.

My friends and I listen to music, like to rock, classical, blues or jazz.

Ask questions:

Tell me about yourself and your family.

What is your school like?

I like Maths and English.

What do you and your friends do after school or on weekends?

I don't do a lot of things with my friends after school or on weekends.

What kind of music do you like?

I like rock, classical, blues and jazz music.

What are your hobbies and pastimes?

My hobbies include playing with my computer, playing piano, reading, riding horses, and other things.

Do you play sports?

Yes, I do horseback riding

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Comments: Looks good, I would have liked to know your future plans though